Quality Features

For the shokomonk it is of great importance that only the best, high quality ingredients are used for his chocolate bars. This standard does not only apply to bits of fruits or nuts for different flavours, but above all to the origin of the chocolate – the cocoa bean. So what does the shokomonk do to ensure this high quality of his chocolate bars? The answer can be found in this short overview of the most important aspects of quality management.
The bean
The shokomonk gets his cocoa right from the origin, mainly from Ecuador. Only beans that are rich in flavour are used for the production and prepare the ground for a delicious chocolate.
The shokomonk wants to keep control over every step of the production – including roasting, conching and further processing. For this reason, he does not buy any couverture of other chocolate manufacturers, but exclusively uses chocolate from his own production.
The cocoa butter
The shokomonk uses nothing but pure cocoa butter for his chocolate products and no other kind of fat like concentrated butter or hydrogenated vegetable fats. Thus the taste of the chocolate remains pure.
The vanilla
The shokomonk works only with natural Bourbon Vanilla. Therefore the pure taste of this very important ingredient for chocolate is guaranteed.
The soylecithin
For some of the shokomonk chocolate bars it is essential to add soylecithin. The shokomonk uses only cold pressed soylecithin without any chemical remainders. The shokomonk guarantees that the used soybeans are free from GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), the lecithin is always organic certified (Bio-certified).
The flavours
One important characteristic of the shokomonk chocolate bars is that they always taste like the ingredient indicated on the respective wrapper. Even more important is the fact that the bar tastes good at all. That is why there are only flavours in the product range that were approved by a large group of test persons. The shokomonk forswears “prestige-flavours” that are artistically ambitious but hardly enjoyable.
These are the aspects that allow the shokomonk chocolate to be so delicious and flavourtic.
Dirk Bach